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Over the last five years the Chinese market has almost fully developed.

Many schools are confronted with a variety of scenarios – too many applications, not enough applications or you are just entering the Chinese market. China is a complex market and while it may be nice to have applicants flooding your office, you may be concerned about the quality of the applications that are coming in. Shang Learning is uniquely positioned to provide schools with appropriate, professional insight in how to provide the best possible outcomes for your recruitment efforts. With our expertise that covers a wide range of experiences, Shang Learning can help you set objectives, target your marketing efforts and build or maintain your reputation among the discerning families seeking your institution. We want you to be successful in your message because it helps us relay the quality of your program to families looking to send their children abroad.

While the Chinese market is robust and at times overwhelming it is important to educate families on the benefits your institution provides beyond the basics of curriculum and going to university. Many families are “brand conscious” and have little understanding of the plethora of differences each school offers and how those differences develop character and success – academically, personally and socially. How schools communicate is as important as the programs they offer. Bridging the gap is how Shang Learning can assist your school not only develop marketing programs, but also help you navigate the intricacies and differences that lie under the surface of the Chinese market.

  • How to communicate the value added programs for academic and character development?
    • Ensuring appropriate support programs for transitioning and success
  • How do you reach out to the target audience?
  • How do you deliver effective and action-oriented messages?
  • How do you differentiate and evaluate China-based partners?
  • What’s the best way to communicate with Chinese families?
  • What’s the strategy when it comes to proactive engagement and fundraising efforts?

We are here to provide you insider knowhow and first-hand market observations, independent assessment and tailored solutions to suit your need when it comes to the powerful yet oftentimes complex Chinese market.

If you are interested in learning more please contact Nini Suet ( if you are in Beijing or Shanghai. We do travel through the US at particular times and would love to work with your team.

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