“Getting Ahead” Track


Once the students have completed the skills-oriented courses within the “Getting In” track, they are fully prepared to take more more advanced level classes in the “Getting Ahead” track, namely, the Western Classroom Simulation program.

This Western Classroom Simulation program is essentially a condensed slice of a High School curriculum with the goal to prepare Chinese students for elite high schools and universities abroad, mostly in the US. The courses are designed with three main objectives:

  1. English Proficiency: all four dimensions – Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing
  2. Cultural Literacy: including exposure to and understanding of Western pedagogical approaches
  3. Reasoning Process: get students sharing their opinions, and using evidence to back them up. Justifying the answer – the process of discovering and supporting, not just having the right answer.

All aspects of our course are designed to push students to think, discuss, and write in English and prepare them for the real environment. In particular, Objectives 2 and 3 reflect the essence of the upcoming changes to the SAT. The test will be more focused on the process of developing and supporting ideas, backed by evidence, than on simply choosing a correct answer. As a result, our courses are designed to guide and encourage students to think through, develop, support, and defend their opinions.

Current course offerings include (but not limited to): U.S. History, Politics, Art History, Creative Writing, Shakespeare Literature, Drama, Tragedies, Literary Analysis, Psychology, Philosophy, etc.

For detailed course description in the “Getting Ahead” track, please contact us at 400 060 1010 / hello@shanglearning.com / official wechat ID: shanglearning.

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