Western Life Prep Program


Shang Learning’s proprietary “Western Life Preparatory Program” includes three main aspects:

  1. Skills-based courses that include both “Getting In” series and “Getting Ahead” series that enhance the fundamental abilities students will need to gain acceptance into top schools.
  2. Extended Practice that allows students keep practicing and getting teacher feedback and guidance when they finish in-class lessons. Students can only sign up for these classes after taking the relevant course.
  3. Simulation courses that ensure students are fully prepared to excel in western classrooms.


Our program emphasizes on nurturing both hard and soft skills, offering lessons on language training, mentorship coaching, interview guidance, cultural immersion, and strength building for students in high schools and colleges.

The Western Life Prep Program applies to:

  • The next generation of Chinese leaders who are current movers and shakers in the fields of business, politics, technology, etc.
  • Parents who share Shang Learning’s vision of enrichment education and heritage
  • Students entering into or in junior high school and early stage high school
  • Students with an open mind and a reasonable academic track record

We aim to close the “education gap” in traditional classrooms to address well-rounded developments of both hard and soft skillsets, in order to boost competitiveness as students venture abroad.

Students at top educational institutions in the world must not only have excellent academic record, but they must also demonstrate a wealth of personal experiences, remarkable resilience and leadership ability – all of which require meticulous and early planning.

Eva Hamilton BW




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