Our Approach

Shang Learning is one of the first education consultancies in China to provide a proprietary language training program that focuses on communicating with confidence and a 100% personalized academic counselling and life mentorship service.

We value every student’s intended journey abroad as a comprehensive project that requires detailed guidance and undivided attention from a top-notch counsellor, accompanied by an effective team of advisors.



We conduct thorough research and personalized analysis on every student. It is only through a full understanding could we guarantee progress and results.



We highlight the element of fun in all learning lessons through close collaboration: encouraging the students to interact as they would in a Western classroom.



Through inducing participation and creativity, we focus on encouraging students to become proactive learners who seek knowledge and growth.

Education Planning:

we devise an all-encompassing academic plan with parents to understand each student’s personal needs. Assessment takes place during and after each stage to determine how each student should continue.

Personality Development:

we address six areas of critical importance in shaping the student into a competitive candidate at top quality universities, including independence, cultural awareness, Western education and school, communication skills, creativity, and critical thinking. We strengthen the student’s overall ability in these areas to set a solid foundation for success when they study abroad.

Experience Enrichment:

Education in China is oftentimes limited to classrooms and textbooks while Western education stresses the importance of real-life experiences. We address precisely this. Through a detailed plan that covers extracurricular projects and internships, we groom students into future leaders with not only academic glory, but also social contribution.


We simulate both the learning and living experiences students will face during their journeys abroad.

(1) Learning:

Shang Learning immerses students into an American-style classroom with experienced foreign teachers. This total immersion program will not only familiarize students with a complete Western style of teaching, but it will also help them understand the expectations of a Western student, fully equipping them with the tools to succeed. The content of these simulated classes is the knowledge, skills and mindsets they will need to adjust, enjoy, and excel while abroad.

(2) Living:

Shang Learning offers a unique stay-away course where students learn to adjust to a home stay or dorm environment, and become independent and self-sufficient in a new place and culture.


All courses at Shang Learning are skill-based. In addition to providing information, we teach methods that can be applied to unfamiliar situations, and then practice and rehearse them until they are second nature. We provide students with a toolkit and teach them how to use each so they can build something on their own.

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