Our Team

Nini Founder & Head Consultant
Hamilton Senior Admission Consultant & Advisor
Matthew Mentor & Head Interview Coach
Lei CEO & Senior Partner
Ta-Wei Director of Education & Partner
Randy Lead Mentor & Teacher
Joseph Lead Consultant
Patricia Senior Admission Consultant
Jeanne Senior Admission Consultant & Mentor
Victoria Senior Admission Consultant
Eliot Education Consultant
Nataly Mentor & Teacher
Uchechi Mentor & Teacher
Lu han Mentor & Teacher
Yamei Mentor & Teacher
Chris Mock Interview Coach
Yokia Mentor & Teacher
David Mentor & Teacher
Carla Mentor & Teacher
Jude Mentor & Teacher
David Education Consultant
Rob Senior Content Consultant
Rick Senior Content Consultant
Birgitta Senior Content Consultant
Austin Education Consultant
Lucienne Education Consultant
Aschkan Interview Prep Coach
Michael Education Consultant
Daphne Interview Coach
Jesse Interview Coach
Hansong Interview Prep Coach
Andrew Education Consultant
Joanna Education Consultant
Mio Mentor and Interview Coach
Catherine Mentor and Interview Coach
Irene Mentor and Interview Coach
Jenny Mentor and Interview Coach
Richard Mentor and Interview Coach
Clint Education Consultant
JD Education Consultant
Francis Education Consultant
Elizabeth Education Consultant
Alvin Personal Mentor
Julia Personal Mentor
Rose Personal Mentor
Christina Personal Mentor
Tina Personal Mentor
Amy Personal Mentor
Devante Personal Mentor
Alexander Personal Mentor
Casey Personal Mentor
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