What to do?

What can we do to address these problems?
What can we do to prevent the “international failure”?
What can we do to close the “education gap”?

We believe the “education gap” is due to inadequate preparation and guidance.

Students need comprehensive guidance targeted at the most current criteria schools use in admissions decisions and the reality of what the future will require of those who will lead.

The ability to plan and make well-informed decisions is key.

Students who are fully prepared to go overseas, know what to expect, what to do about it, and what they need to get out of it will ultimately be the most successful.

Those who don’t will be at a disadvantage to those who do.

Questions such as need to be addressed early on:

What do I need to get from my experience abroad? How can I get it?
What are the differences between China and the West that I need to know about in order to excel in their system?
What skills will I need?

The sooner the preparation, the higher the chances of success.

Once a direction is set, students must identity areas of improvements for a fruitful experience abroad. Not only on the academic front, but they must also prepare themselves on a social, cultural and psychological front. A differentiated yet targeted preparatory roadmap is crucial. Students need to be inspired to explore unique opportunities beyond their imminent reach. Along with the process come positive externalities such as self-motivation, self-esteem and focus.

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